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VEKTOR Computers is based around a simple philosophy- Build the Best of the Best PC’s - Bar None.

about us

Since 1992 VEKTOR Computers (Custom Computer Builder) has been building PC’s that fortitude the characteristics of Speed, Reliability and Quality. The founder of Vektor Computers, Michael Craven, started working with computers when he was 8 years old. His favorite car growing up was the Lamborghini Countach. He reveled in the Countach’s Speed and attention to detail. He felt that the computer market was always lacking a PC that had the Speed and Detail of a Lamborghini combined with the Quality and Reliability of a Swiss watch.

VEKTOR Computers was then born. Unlike other mass produced Budget PC’s, VEKTOR Computers offers only one configuration of PC at a time (that can be customized for each customer’s needs). Each PC has to be the Fastest PC that can be made with today’s technology. Combine the speed with ridiculous amounts of storage, combined with the Quality that only comes from personally overseeing each and every PC that leaves the factory – making for the Best of the Best.

what we offer

Topnotch Services



Each VEKTOR Computer after painstaking assembly to perfection, is burn-in tested for 3 Days to make sure every aspect of the PC performs as it should under extreme load without so much as a hiccup in reliability.



Of course, no PC is complete without the ultimate in Support. A simple phone call away, you will speak with one of the engineers that built your system 24/7/365. No outsourced, overseas help desk, only the people that know your system like the back of their hand. If that isn’t enough to solve your problem, the Guru himself (Michael Craven) is available to take care of any and all concerns you may have.

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  • (775) 410-5179
  • 4031 Little Valley Rd.
    Reno, NV 89508